The Team

In addition to individual specialisations, all of our team have undergone training in preparation and presentation of evidence at Oral Hearings and most have extensive experience of this – as well as negotiations with An Bord Pleanála for SID projects. All are active members of their relevant professional institutes and are also involved in third level education and research on their topics.

On a case-by-case basis, our in-house professional staff are augmented by retaining external specialists in areas such as building conservation, archaeology, planning and environmental law, ecology, landscape and building design.  Through regular contact we can engage these specialists quickly and brief them efficiently.  This ensures that we can draw on the skills and expertise of leading practitioners in a time and cost effective manner.

Marian Coll, BSc, PhD, is a highly experienced project ecologist.  Marian specialises in the preparation of Appropriate Assessments, often in conjunction with SEA work. She has a significant body of experience working as an ecologist on a variety of complex landuse plans and large-scale infrastructural plans and projects, particularly power lines.

Patrick Crushell, PhD, project ecologist and AA specialist, has been working in the area of ecological assessment for over ten years. He has worked as an ecologist in the preparation of AAs and Ecological Impact Assessments for over 150 different plans and projects covering a wide range of terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecological issues over local, county and regional geographical areas.  He is currently lead ecologist on a team of specialists preparing restoration and conservation plans for 53 raised bog SACs on behalf of the NPWS. Patrick teaches on a number of undergraduate and post-graduate courses at the Department of Zoology, Ecology and Plant Science, University College Cork covering topics such as peatland ecology and conservation, wetland ecological assessment, nature conservation and ecological impact assessment.

Paul Fingleton, MSc, is an environmental manager and  impact assessor who has experience on projects of varying scale and complexity for a wide range of public and private sector clients. He has particular experience in relation to large-scale industrial projects. Paul contributed to the preparation of the EPA’s Guidelines on the Information to be contained in Environmental Impact Statements and the accompanying Advice Notes on Current Practice in EIA.


Ciara Kellett, BSc, MSc, is an engineer and planner with strong experience of land use planning and planning for large scale industrial and infrastructural projects, including a number of SID projects.  She is also centrally involved in planning and SEA services for infrastructure service providers at national and regional scales.  She has a strong record in project management for all of these project types.

David L’Estrange, BSc, MSc, is an impact assessor and environmental manager  David is recognised as the one of country’s foremost SEA practitioners.  He has prepared many assessments at every level of plan and programme. He is a well known figure in the SEA community who authoritatively contributes to innovation and development in practice and research of this rapidly developing field. He also prepares Flood Risk Assessments, often in conjunction with SEA and AA services.

Sinéad McCabe, BSc, is a graduate environmental manager with an expertise in waste management.  She provides research and technical support for SEA, EIA and policy development.

Helen O’Keeffe, BSc, MRUP, MSc, is an engineer, planner and urban designer with a great depth of experience, particularly in the practicalities of community participation in local area planning and master-planning for Planning Authorities  and in SID planning and EIA for infrastructural projects.


Conor Skehan, BSc, MLArch, our Director, has an unparalleled range of international and Irish experience. With a background in architecture and  landscape Architecture, he is a recognised authority on strategic planning, landscape management, visual impact assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment.  He has written a number of seminal guidelines in these areas and maintained a position as a leading academic in planning and impact assessment for over twenty years.  He is also an advisor to the UN on SEA.

Louise Treacy, BA, MRUP, is a planner who has extensive experience as a local authority planner, preparing numerous Action Area Plans, Masterplans and Framework Plans. As private sector planner she has led numerous multi-disciplinary teams in the preparation of complex planning applications and EISs.